Letting Roxy go

15/04/2013 § 2 Comments

The leached and faded colour of the photo tells us it’s time to take down the posters. This is one of the few on which beautiful Roxy is still sort 0f recognisable.roxysunset

Lost Roxy posters were put up around my local area about five months ago. Why are they still there? Are Roxy’s owners hopeful or just lazy?
I hope they don’t leave the task to some local council worker. Taking down these posters would be a good way to acknowledge and accept that Roxy’s not coming back. Closure.

I remember driving past one of these posters in late December and my daughter said: “I don’t know whether to feel sad for Roxy’s owners or happy for the kid who’s getting her for Christmas.”


Dragging my heart around

08/03/2013 § Leave a comment

I was poking around on bandcamp today and was struck by this album art. It’s by Annie Hardy aka Giant Drag. Click on it for a larger pic.
I can’t think of any way to improve it. Does that mean it’s perfect?
GiantDragBeautiful photography. Don’t you love the backlighting? And the pose.
Then there’s the composition. That lovely expanse of starry sky.
The title is great in itself. But I love the way it sits at the top not trying to intrude with the understated G and D.
But what about the actual music? Here’s a sample:

There is a light

30/04/2012 § 4 Comments

We celebrated my daughter’s birthday last Saturday.
Yesterday, after a bit of a sleep-in and some lunch/breakfast, some of us went to the beach. It was supposed to be a swim but the weather took a turn for the worse and it became a walk. Our feet were frozen (the water was warmer than the air) by the time we got to the coffee and chocolate stop. After warming our blood we started the return journey with the wind at our backs.
Then the clouds opened and this beautiful warm light hit us broadside. I pulled out my camera and here she is. Happy birthday, Pum.

As God is my witness they’re not going to lick me. I’m going to live through this and when it’s all over, I’ll never be hungry again.

17/03/2012 § 1 Comment

In yesterday’s post I made a vow to do some undefined thing I have never done before. Last night’s massive storm with thunder and lightning announced a day of rain so outdoor stuff was off.

But a vow is a vow so I set about doing some bokeh photography. My subject was my daughter, Scarlett. Her nickname is Star so I decided to make the blurs star-shaped. I was hoping it might be good enough as invitations for her 21st birthday party later this year. I got our Christmas lights out and found that some didn’t work and the others were lacking a power plug. No matter, my neighbours came to the rescue and their lights were hung on my bathroom door at the end of the hall. I put a piece of cardboard, with a star shape cut out of it, over my lens and then it was just a matter of sorting out the light. To give you a better idea, you can pics of the set-up here.

The end result? Click on the thumbnail here for a larger pic. The stars don’t look right and I’m not sure why (size of cut-out? focal length?). But we all know it’s a first effort so let’s not get too upset. I will have to play with bokeh again some time.

If you’re wondering why Gone With The Wind is all over this post, it’s because of the Scarlett connection and it’s about making a vow. And today is St Patricks Day so to represent my post  I’ve chosen that pretty little colleen Katie Scarlett O’Hara. Polite applause.

Last year’s levitation

10/02/2012 § 1 Comment

I found Hayashi Natsumi through Empty Kingdom. She does self portraits like this. They are stunningly convincing as well as simply executed. Double win. Check out more levitations on her blog. She is Japanese so there are also pics of cats.

Dog Tree

21/01/2012 § Leave a comment

This tree is not far from our house. At night, thanks to the placement of a street light it goes all doggy. After months of saying “I should photograph it” I finally did. During the day it’s a tree.

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