Crying all the way to the Banksy

27/05/2012 § 2 Comments

This happened over a week ago so it’s old news but I’ve been busy, OK. Plus I wanted to make this little animated gif here.

So, in Melbourne some builders knocked a hole in a wall and obliterated a Banksy that’s been there for fifteen years. They thought graffiti is graffiti and didn’t think twice. Apparently it was worth about $50,000 (don’t ask me how that works).
Some people are outraged and are calling for councils to find ways to preserve street art. Others are able to shrug it of by pointing to street art’s ephemeral nature. I belong to the latter group. Let’s face it, he had a pretty long life for a piece of street art. And according to my trusty online rat/human age calculator
15 rat years equals 428 human years. Not bad.
But what does Banksy think? If he wasn’t such a hide-and-seeky recluse we could ask him. From the little I know, I would guess that he sees the funny side.
For me, the funny side is the hole. They didn’t just clip a whisker or chop off the tail. No, it’s as if they said: “Where do want the pipes to go through?” “I reckon right through the middle of that rat there.” “No worries.”
If you’re going to do a job, do it well.


I want to follow Justin Bieber around the world

16/03/2014 § Leave a comment

Just how efficient is Justin Bieber’s self destruct mechanism? Will he be following in the footsteps of Lindsay, Brittany, Amanda et al anytime soon? Or will fame and fortune usher* him through his current difficulties leaving this present phase a mere blip of notoriety on the spray-painted Bieber landscape?biebspray
And it is a phase. He may sometimes be a pratt, a misogynist, a wigger and a tool but he’s young. He’s still in the process of consolidating these aspects into a whole which will eventually define his character.
If he implodes first, however, we may never get the chance to care.

Cue transcript from last week’s deposition:biebdep
Lawyer: Do you know Usher Raymond IV?
Bieber: No
Lawyer: Do you know an individual entertainer by the name of Usher?
Bieber: Yeah. Usher. That sounds familiar.
Lawyer: Isn’t it true that Usher was instrumental in starting your career?
Bieber: I was found on YouTube. I think that I was detrimental to my own career.

Look, I’m more than happy for Biebs to have a long and happy life as an entertainer. All the best, mate. What I object to is this fancy he has for being recognised as a street artist.
It’s not right that, on a mere whim, he should use his fan base and a hungry media to don the artist mantle. Visual artists should have a talent for it. And they should also have something to say. Bieber’s street art shows evidence of neither.

Exhibit A:biebqt
These were done by Biebs and his entourage at the QT Hotel on the Gold Coast last November. I’m sure he thinks they are every bit as good as anything Banksy has done.
The hotel said at first that he did it without permission but, after thinking about it for a day or so, they put on their Facebook page that he asked and they agreed. Gold Coast Mayor, Tom Tait, said it was in public view and should go. He offered to send a council graffiti clean-up kit to the hotel for Biebs to pick up. Long after Bieber had left, the battle between Tait and the hotel raged on.

So here is what I want to do. I want to be a Biefitier. I want to take some cans of spray paint and travel the world in the footsteps of the Bieb.
Wherever he has worked his street art magic I would deface and instantly devalue it. I would go to the Gold Coast, to Rio de Janeiro and beyond. And the world would be a better place.

*see what I did there?

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