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My son gave me some quality headphones for Christmas. Coupled with my daughter’s hand-me-down (or up?) ipod, they have turned me into one of those zoned-out-on-public-transport people.
But I was slow to convert. I’ve always agreed with the people who made these signscanyouhearthebirdssinging
and don’t want to become this guynewyorker
although he is a very snazzy dresser.

But the sound.
It’s like a warm blanket on a cold night or a cool breeze on a hot night or a drug fuelled rave party in my head.

Anyway, here’s a brief look at what my morning commute is like.

Sorry for the quality (phone).


The little things

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This morning I was on the train in a semiconscious state. I was facing the stairs but not looking. Then a five dollar note fluttered down the stairway like a diver doing a pre-bellyflop lateral twist. It was followed by a man who picked it up and crilley runned away.
It made me smile.flyfive
crilley = quickly. The phrase “crilley runned away” has been adopted by my family since we read it an early piece of creative writing from one of my daughters. More.

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