Split infinites

18/11/2012 § 4 Comments

Please excuse this short self-indulgent post. I just need to clear my name here.
One or two people are getting excited about the clever bagel cutting method demonstrated in this video:
Sadly it is often described as a “Möbius bagel”. It’s not. It has two surfaces and should be described as a split torus.
Don’t care? Too late – now you know (but feel free to stop reading).

Hi fellow nerds, [conspiratorially] I was starting to think they would never leave.
Below are some sculptures to help illustrate the distinctions:
The first two are recent works by Keizo Ushio as shown at Sculpture By the Sea. The first being a split torus and the second a split möbius. The third is a true möbius by the versatile Bauhaus genius, Max Bill. It is from 1961 and is called Unendliche Schleife (infinite loop).
Class dismissed.


Playing the hand you’re dealt

13/11/2012 § 9 Comments

I asked the girl at Parramasala if is ok for men to have their hands tattooed. She said it is so I described what I wanted. I didn’t get what I wanted but I got a henna tattoo and that’s fine.
It was supposed to have gone from my ring finger and down into my palm.
Quite a few years ago I lost my wedding ring in the surf. I thought the henna tattoo would be a good way to celebrate our wedding anniversary. And it would have been appropriate this year because this year we had a Parra-parramasala anniversary.

My wife has just begun working for a hotel chain. As part of her gruelling training regime the company keeps taking her to dine at hotel restaurants. Last Thursday it was the one at Parramatta. When the boss told her and her colleagues where they were going she piped up and said that her husband (that’s me) works in Parramatta. He said he would see if he could get us a room for the night. When she told him it was a couple of nights after our anniversary he decided to make sure it happened.
So after work I strolled up to the hotel, checked in and dumped our stuff in the room. I met her and her work mates in the lobby when they arrived and then, while they did the hotel tour, went to the gym and pool.
Then off I went to the Bollywood block party. It was going off. Great atmosphere and a general feeling of fun. I had a curry and a wander around and watched the singing and dancing and stuff. I could have stayed longer but my wife called to say they were having coffee and I could join them.
When I got there they told me we had been upgraded to the mega suit (not it’s real name). So when her mates had left we got our stuff from the small room and relocated. Awww, and there was a bucket of wine waiting for us.
Next morning we had a big breakfast and my wife left for a train to the city. I went back to the room and climbed back into bed to watch cartoons. Nice.

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