Typography 101

21/10/2012 § 5 Comments

There’s a nice gang of kids in out street. Lot’s of activity and they are always polite when you have drive through their cricket game.
I was putting my kit in the car one evening and:
–      Toby: Do you play drums?
–      Me: Yes, I do.
–      Toby: So do I. In the school band.
–      Me: Good on you.
–      Toby: But I’m not very good.
–      Me: That’s ok. Neither am I.

Anyway, it looks like they found a dead lorikeet and buried it. Lots of time and effort seems to have gone into this grave.
The inscription is written on a handy piece of foam which means it can be stuck with a stick. But there’s not much room for the lettering. It might have gone at the top but it’s too late – the RIP and scribbly bit is already written. So it had to be broken up. Oops, the hyphen seems to be an equals sign.
Typographically speaking, is it wrong? No. Because, as well as the actual words themselves, good typography has meaning. Characters have character. There is a visual story as well as a written one.
The words say a lorikeet is buried there. The sign says so much more.


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