“Might I remind you Mr Spade that you may have the falcon, but we certainly have you.”

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When you do something with someone spontaneously it seems to me to be more enjoyable that it might have been if it had been planned.
I was on the train, on my way home after work, when daughter #2 rang to tell me she was at daughter #4’s in the city. I suggested meeting up for a couple of drinks. My wife was finishing at 8.00 so I could catch a later train with her.
Where to meet? Daughter #4 proposed Mr Falcon’s. She gave me directions and told me to look for the picture with the frog on it.

Well spotted, dear reader. It’s not a frog at all.
It’s some kind of bird. Possibly a falcon.
No matter. I found it without difficulty.

Mr Falcons has many little rooms with lots of miss-matched comfy chairs. We had a room all to ourselves and enjoyed our bottled beverages. I couldn’t help noticing that it was the same as sitting in the lounge room at home except that you can’t choose the music,the drinks cost more and you really can’t wear your trackie dacks. Maybe the good thing about going out is just that you are out. So I pushed these grumpy-old-man thoughts to the back and had some laughs with my girls.

Afterwards, I caught the train home with my wife and relayed all the news.
As we crossed the Hawkesbury River I had a call from daughter #3.
“Have you forgotten me?” she said.
She was waiting to be picked up from uni.



The shape of things to come

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I love my sci-fi and I love stories set in the near future which are actually about the present. Orwell’s 1984 immediately springs to mind.
One of my favourites is MT Anderson’s Feed. It was written ten years ago and still works. Plus it has a first line that puts it up there with A Tale of Two Cities and Anna Karenina. “We went to the moon to have fun, but the moon turned out to completely suck.”
Here’s something more recent. It’s by students at the Bezaleal academy of arts.

via Empty Kingdom.

And don’t forget. Project glass is scheduled for next year (I think).

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