Doin’ the racoon

11/07/2012 § 2 Comments

On the weekend we were together for another birthday. Next thing we knew we were playing Pictionary. It’s been a while but it’s still good fun.
When we pull out this game someone always says: “But I’m no good at drawing.”
I tell them it’s not about drawing, it’s about communication. Still, being able to draw can help.
Let’s have a look at my 22-year-old son’s efforts.

I rescued this masterpiece from the recycling bin the next day. The animal at the top is obviously a camel. Too easy – roll the die.
But next he needed to draw a racoon. Body. Head. Then he says: “This is important. It’s a big bushy tail.” The rules state you are not permitted to talk but our household tries not to be too draconian. Besides, it’s a useless clue. Is he thinking of a fox? Stripes on the tail – now we’re getting somewhere. Then he’s stuck. Stripes on the body? He’s not convinced but knows he needs to keep drawing.
The last grain of sand falls and we all ask why he didn’t draw a mask on it’s face. He confesses he doesn’t really know what a racoon looks like.

Board games made in the US always assume we know their history, geography and the names of all their presidents. But everyone knows what a racoon looks like, don’t they?
Have I failed as a parent?


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