The cake is a lie

28/06/2012 § Leave a comment

Birthday cakes are a special treat at my work because we have a small staff. Last month our editor did well because the boss thought the plebs would forget so he brought along a selection of delicious pastries. I had a slice of the big cake and was keen to sample the pastries after lunch. But no. Editor left early with the box of pastries to share with her family. Outrageous. Etiquette demands the left-over cakes be left in the fridge to be whittled away by those who actually turn up to work in the office. It’s not really a big deal of course but when I got home I must have shared the sadness of lost pastries.

So my wife devised a plan for my upcoming birthday. She had been told by the crabby owner at our local well-known patisserie franchise that he could not be bothered getting in the cake she wanted to order for me. This prompted her to spend a whole day making all manner of tiny pastries. A whole day. There was enough to feed an army of happy but not terrible fit soldiers. My birthday came and the whole family pitched in to try and make a dent in the massive pastry pile.
There was cake too. But this was hijacked by my daughter who rode my birthday coattails because she lives in the country now and decided to double up while everyone was together. She and her friends had designed a magnificent cake with all manner of yumminess. They drew a schematic on her phone and submitted it to my wife for baking.
This is the drawing and the actual cake:

My young nephew compared it to cow dung and made sure everyone heard him say it at least once. But we didn’t care because it was yummy. And cake is a luxury item so you can’t complain about it. Just get in there and see how far you can go. It was a good day with more than enough sweetness for two birthdays.

So it is with great heaviness of heart that I conclude this post on a sour note. No cake for me at work this birthday. Same as last year. Don’t worry about it team, just let me share some of yours.


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