Rise to vote, sir

27/02/2012 § 4 Comments

It’s been a big day today. First our Prime Minister had her leadership challenged – which turned out how we all expected – then came the Oscars which also had no real surprises.
But don’t be mislead by my headline. This post is about palindromes.
I’ve had a busy week with publication deadlines and stuff but I did find time for an enjoyable project. The article was about words, how they create identity and how this influences meaning. So I thought I’d use a palindrome.

While I scoured the internet for a decent palindrome I was struck by how silly so many of them are. To adhere to the rule of backwards=frontwards they often make very little sense. When you get a chance, do some googling.
I also think it’s a shame that the word ‘palindrome’ isn’t one. Equally sad that  ‘onomatopoeia’ doesn’t sound like anything.


You say mosquito

13/02/2012 § 3 Comments

Early in her schooling, my daughter decided to do a project. The topic was mossies (in Australia we tend to shorten words and put ‘ie’ or ‘o’ on the end). As you can see the subject was well researched.

Last year’s levitation

10/02/2012 § 1 Comment

I found Hayashi Natsumi through Empty Kingdom. She does self portraits like this. They are stunningly convincing as well as simply executed. Double win. Check out more levitations on her blog. She is Japanese so there are also pics of cats.

You’re not my friend

04/02/2012 § 2 Comments

Or you might be (it would be nice if at least one of my friends bothered to pop in here now and then). But for anyone out there who is not my facebook friend, here is a screen shot of my page. I just changed over to timeline and thought I might have a bit of fun with it.

Advice to sink in slowly

02/02/2012 § Leave a comment

Student work is great. I like the honest straight forward ideas combined with enthusiastic execution (not that kind of execution – they’re kids for goodness sake).
And being you and all Gen-Yie they like to share. Which is where this UK website comes in. Experienced students encouraging the newbies with posters of wisdom.
Ahh, youth.

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