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I’m super excited. I have the first two issues of the latest Casanova graphic novel. But I can’t read them yet. First, I have to go back and read all fourteen previous issues.
I always wondered why my kids would reread their Harry Potters in preparation for whenever a new one came out. They read the first one seven times, the second one six times, the third one five times… Crazy, right?
But my reason for rereading is because there was a bit of a lull in the Casanova series. It’s been a few years between missions for Casanova Quinn.

And what makes this graphic novel so good? Firstly (and I mean that chronologically – not in order of priority), Gabriel Bá. I first saw his amazing art in The Umbrella Academy – written by My Chemical Romace’s Gerard Way (don’t scoff – it’s really, really good). Secondly, Matt Fraction. His stories are crazy and complex and fun and a wild ride each time. Plus he puts interesting little notes at the end describing his writing process. Thirdly, Fabio Moon. He took over the art in the second arc (Bá was doing Umbrella Academy and is back for Avaritia). He’s awesome too. And something else: he and Bá are twin brothers. I want to be their triplet.


I am not this guy

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The other day my son was looking at my website and said: “Did you get it from How I Met Your Mother?” Ted Mosby’s architect business is called Mosbius Designs. I said: “Oh”.
So here it is: I did not copy HIMYM. Any similarity to company or trading-as names either living or dead or, in this case, fictitious is purely coincidental.
Although I must confess, I do share many of the character’s more annoying personality traits. Soz.


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In a woodwork class at school, my daughter noticed the emu in this piece of wood. She asked the teacher if she could have it but he said no. She and her friends contemplated breaking in at lunch time to steal it. It’s a good thing she took a pic with her phone because this bird is probably all over someone’s magazine rack now.

Dog Tree

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This tree is not far from our house. At night, thanks to the placement of a street light it goes all doggy. After months of saying “I should photograph it” I finally did. During the day it’s a tree.

Easily Abstracted

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Help has arrived

The most useful resource a graphic designer can have. This has got me out of so many scrapes and solved so many problems. Wait, chocolate’s good too. And mind-mapping and scribbling on post-its. Or ripping off someone else’s stuff. Yeah that works too.

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